Fascism in the United States

There are Fascists in the United States.  They are not even trying to mask their Fascist intentions.  I do wonder if they have read Mussolini’s “The Doctrine of Fascism” though, as the Fascists do not seem to realize who they are.  It’s not a long or difficult read and is suggested to better understand the movement.  When reading historical documents like this, it is important to read it in the context of the dictionary definition words and the context in which you most see them used, most notably Mussolini’s discussion of religion and religious convictions.  If you read his essay and think of his mentions of religion as meaning Christian (or Islamic or Jewish) you’ll be missing the point completely.  I’ll start this review with an excerpt:

Fascism is an organized, centralized, authoritarian democracy.

Collectivism is the primary recurring theme of Mussolini’s essay.  It asserts over and over again that “The State” is the most important construct of human life.  Viewing Fascism as not just a governmental system, but rather a system of thought.  Throughout the text Mussolini makes clear that Fascism must be lived religiously, and infers that it is itself a religion.  Looking at the contemporary United States, there is certainly one group that has embraced the Government as this higher power capable of solving all of life’s problems.  Government rules are held in so much regard by this group that they think it is possible to the Government to protect us from an airborne virus.  Anyone who questions the Government response is uneducated, unmercifully scolded, and in some instances heavily fined for this insubordination.

Fascism also views peace as an impossibility, instead there needs to be a perpetual state of war and violence with glory given to the soldier.  Currently one group in the United States is calling for peace through law and order.   Another is glorifying guerrilla soldiers through not holding them accountable for their actions that disturb peace, destroy property, and at times assault and maim other people. Shouting at people eating dinner and trying to enjoy the fruits the United States bares is not peaceful.  Assaulting people for exercising their right to Assemble is not peaceful.  These interruptions of peace are following the Fascist Doctrine.

Love thy neighbor is another recurrent theme Mussolini discusses.  This love for neighbor however is second to love of the State.  The need for police is unnecessary in the Fascist State because neighbors will be the authority over one another, with compliance to the State being the desired outcome.  Someone who acts in a way that ensures others fall in line with the State is a Hero in Mussolini’s essay.  The reason people engage in this heroism is because they will no longer be motivated by economic, materialistic, or other selfish motivations.  Furtherance of the interests State provides the motivation for their actions due to the glorification of such heros by the State.  Current discussion of defunding the police leads to this kind of vigilantism.

The Fascist State is a living entity, it adapts to the times and has no real principles other than the State comes first.  This allows the State to control not just the present, but also the past and the future.  Contrary to that, democratic forms of government have a written set of rules in the form of a Constitution that is the supreme law and is largely unchanging and offers stability.  There is no room for stability in a Fascist State because to maintain its power it must adhere to current public pressures to avoid getting overthrown.  Mussolini goes into great detail in why all other forms of government have failed and it is all because they adhered to a set of principle beliefs instead of his chameleonlike principle of the State.

The last theme that Mussolini wrote about that is on display by the modern Fascists of the United States is that “No action is exempt from moral judgement.”  Today’s social media platforms are filled with people shaming each other and full of moral purists judging others.  This shaming is done with no real discussion or expounding of ideas.  Rather it just regurgitation of slogans like “Science is Real” and “Love is Love” as well as name-calling.  Ironically the most common names to call someone are “Fascist” and “Racist.”

Today’s Fascists have either not read and understood The Doctrine of Fascism or are unaware that they are acting as Fascists and just mimicking others that call their opposition Fascists.  Reality is probably a mix of the two.  With their promotion of a strong central government that has the authority to tell its citizens how many visitors they can have in their own homes and encouraging others to shame them into compliance, the Democrat party are the modern-day Fascists.  Couple this with their decades long battle cry that the Constitution is a “living document”, their current embrace of the Defund the Police movement, (see the New York Times article “Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police” if you’re still somehow thinking that movement means anything other than what it says), and the promotion of people consistent with the Fascist definition of “heros” their place as the Fascist party is cemented. 

Looking at the actions and not the words people use, the Democrat party is surpassed only by AntiFa themselves as the most Fascist group in the United States today.  There is no other group as overtly violent, intent on destroying peace, fighting for collectivism, claiming a moral high ground, and following and executing their beliefs with a religious fervor not seen since the Crusades.  These people do not care about the consequences of their actions as long as they promote their own Statist agenda: Fascist Heroism on display.  If Democrats were really against Fascism they would stop these groups from inflicting the damage they are doing.  Instead these violent Fascists are strongest in the areas where Democrats yield power.

Abolish the Electoral College, Switch to National Popular Vote

Why anyone would be against the simplicity and democratic way of electing the most powerful civil servant in the United States? The logic is there, we elect all other positions on a simple popular vote, why should the Presidency be different? In time the Electoral College will be disbanded and direct election, or National Popular Vote, will happen. Thus destroying the protections of the Constitution, ushering in an era of mob rule, and significantly changing the rule of law.

Understanding the basis of a Democratic Republic, of which the United States is, will give clarity on the importance of the Electoral College. Voting in the United States has been shifting away from this form of governance. Things like ranked-choice and run-off elections have become more common. The direct election of Senators in 1913 when the Seventeenth Amendment was ratified was the first degradation of the Democratic Republic.

The United States was founded on the principle of strong local governments within a weak Federal government. The Founders lived and saw first hand the destruction of individual liberty created by strong Federal governments. Throughout time leaders of nations would have Despotic control over their citizens and United States was created to be opposite of that. A place that allowed people to make their own decisions and live free from senseless and unwarranted interference from their government if they dared to disagree with the view of their leader.

Over the course of history, the Untied States has shifted from strong local control as founded to more and more powers being deferred to centralized powers in either State Governor’s or the President. This has been on clear display in 2020 as Governor’s are issuing orders without the consent of their legislatures. One of the major party candidates for President ran on a platform of issuing similar nationwide orders. Whether you agree with the orders or not, it is clearly a departure from the principle founding of this country.

What does it mean if the power of the Government is consolidated in one centralized location? The minority opinions will never be acted upon and power drunk officials will be come Despotic. This has already happened in California, New York, and where I live – OneState (known to most of you as Minnesota). These states are dominated by people who believe so strongly in centralized governance that they are allowing dictating through Constitutionally questionable executive orders. The latest round of such orders are people may not gather with extended families on Thanksgiving this year. (California N-83-20, New York 202.33, OneState 20-96)

I am not interested right now making a case one way or the other about the level of threat the Coronavirus. Or whether or not these and similar orders are warranted because of that threat. My point is broader: even if Coronavirus is the deadliest virus the world has ever seen and we have the ability to stop it, these orders in how they were put in place and what they are restricting are FUNDAMENTALLY un-American. These are the orders of Despotic Fascists.

If enforceable laws can be put in place on the whim of 1 person it circumvents the legislative process. Which then eliminates discussion, and puts the populace under their governance in a position where disagreement with policy becomes illegal. The ability to disagree with one another, discuss those disagreements, and still live amongst one another is a fundamental protection of the Constitution. It’s what makes that United States a desirable place to live.

What does this all have to do with the Electoral College? The Electoral College is designed to allow a strong voice to the minority so that they do not get shouted down and disappear. The state of California holds an over 11-Million-person population advantage of the next most populous state in the country, that’s a 40% difference. If the Electoral College is disbanded then the only state that matters is California. Every person not holding the same values as the majority of Californians will be at their whim with no room for discussion.

By allowing the Electoral College to work as intended and also restoring power to local governments instead of consolidating a strong centralized government overseeing everyone it allows for those living in Alaska, Montana, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, etc. to install policies and laws fitting the desires of the local citizens without impacting those living thousands of miles away. Put another way, the Electoral College allows Individualism: California to be California and Texas to be Texas instead of forcing a collectivism of West Virginia to be California and Florida to be California that the National Popular Vote and a strong Federal Government would create.

If you like the idea of a strong centralized Federal Government using its big stick to force everyone to fall in line – time is on your side. The abolition of the Electoral College and switch to the National Popular Vote is inevitable due to its simplicity. It makes for an easy tweet and slogan. Those that want to maintain individualism and freedom to live life as they please, your task of delaying this switch is more difficult. Continue to learn more than what I’ve offered in this article and share your knowledge with everyone you can.

Science is Real!

I received a shirt in the mail from an anonymous source a while ago. It had the following 6 statements written on it, each one a different color. The color scheme followed that of a rainbow. It read:

Science is Real
Black Lives Matter
No Human is Illegal
Love is Love
Women’s Rights are Human Rights
Kindness is Everything

In living up to that last statement I would like to know who sent me this shirt so I could send a nice thank-you card, or at least a text message. I have a sneaking suspicion that kindness was not their goal in sending me this gift though. Prior to getting this gift I was aware of these slogans and their rainbow pattern to be part of the Democratic Party’s branding. They have used these statements to justify policies that I view as un-American and destructive to the freedom of all Americans and disingenuousness.

Science is Real: Duh. This statement is used to justify the creation of freedom destroying mandates in response to SARS-CoV-2. However, there was no real review of Science. Mask mandates were instituted across the county due to “science” but the science that explains transmission of respiratory viruses was ignored.

I used to work for a company that helped control the spread of the PRRS virus (swine flu) among swine farms. One of the strategies employed was filtration. Unfortunately the most common filters offered little to no protection because of how the filters were made. The biggest problems were filters didn’t capture small enough particles, allowed particles to work through the filter, and construction and installation that allowed for bypass of air around the filter. Without getting into the science of air filters, the masks we are being forced to wear fail on all three of those problems.

The other thing that was done with swine farms was social distancing. Barns began to built farther away from each other so that if one barn had a “break” and became infected it wouldn’t affect other barns. So how far apart were they built? An exhaustive study was done by a mix of Universities and industry experts and found active virus particles were capable of traveling approximately 26 miles. That science kind of flies in the face of 6 feet doesn’t it? But who cares, according to the National Institutes of Health “masks save lives.” The Great Benefactor of OneState Tim Walz was quoted in July of 2020 saying that wearing masks is one of the easiest ways to slow the spread of Covid-19. That statement hasn’t aged well for people like me that actually looked at the science and realized masks were not helpful. Infections of COVID-19 in Minnesota have nearly quadrupled in the four months since the Great Benefactor made those comments.

So the science that produced the data that masks were ineffective must have been followed right, and the mask mandate removed? Of course not, instead we got executive order 20-96 which put even more mandates in place. Science is real folks. I would really like it if the people that feel the need to shout this (or print it on yard signs and t shirts) would actually look at the science.

Black Lives Matter: Of course they do! I have not met anyone that disputes this claim. However, these words which assert that a human being’s life matters is being used to advance a policy of defunding law enforcement agencies and a slew of other non-related policies. Here’s a few black lives lost that do not make it into the discussion of Black Lives that Matter: Aurora McCarty, Nia Black, LeGend Taliferro, Teresa Bear Ribs, Serenity Shief, Eddie Gordon, Johnarian Travez, Makayla Saulter, Andre Conley, Oliver Perkins III.

Why are these souls not part of the BLM movement? They were killed by criminals engaged in criminal activity which law enforcement would like to stop. Unfortunately the policies wanted by those who proclaim “Black Lives Matter” would degrade law enforcement’s ability to prevent criminal behavior and the Court’s ability to hold criminals responsible for that behavior. This will inevitably lead to more victims of crime like those listed above. Case in point is here in Minneapolis, the number of murders is on pace to double the amount of last year.

No Human is Illegal: Agreed, and as long as we’re making non-sequiturs: guns don’t kill people. This phrase is trying to link that just because of where someone was born they are viewed as an “illegal person” by the heartless pushing for stronger border control and enforcement of immigration laws. What this glosses over is that humans make decisions and those decisions lead to actions that have been deemed illegal through a legislative process.

Shooting guns is not illegal either, until the operator decides to shoot someone else. You can drink as much alcohol as you want when in your own home, until you decide to hop in a car and go for a drive. You can say horrible nasty things to another person, but if you decide to take that verbal rage and physically assault someone that becomes criminal. If you were born and raised somewhere other than the United States and decide to immigrate to the United states without following the laws on how to do so, that action is illegal. People themselves aren’t illegal, but some of their actions are.

Love is Love: I’m not sure on what the point is with this phrase. About the only thing I can think of is it’s a feel-good phrase that sounds better than the ends justify the means. Afterall if the end goal is “love” than the means to get there must automatically be good. Please comment if I’m off on this one. The ends never justify the means, there’s a ton of case law and pontification from the ACLU (most of which I actually agree with in principle) that explicitly states the personal liberties guaranteed by the Constitution are superior to all else.

Women’s Rights are Human Rights: This is a big one and deserves its own post, I’m trying to keep read time to a few minutes per post. All the feminist agenda items: the myth of unequal pay, abortion, and down the list will be discussed elsewhere in my blog – just give me time.

Kindness is Everything: I think they just needed another phrase to fill out the rainbow. I think it would have been better to directly address LGBTQ+ rights in some way, but another “ends justify the means” type slogan I suppose is sufficient for what the creators of this campaign are communicating: If you disagree, you are an un-loving, unkind, ignorant person whose opinion doesn’t matter.

Clearly I do disagree, for reasons I think even the most Democrats would agree with, if only they would have the conversation.

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